Saturday, 3 December 2011

I am Grateful..... For This Amazing Man

My best friend, my fiance, my Josh.

That handsome specimen right there is Josh. Yes ladies, he's taken! 

I have been with Josh for 7 years now.. 7 LONG years.. I say LONG because we have had our fair share of ups and downs.. I met Josh when I had just turned 18 and he was 21. He was annoying at first to be perfectly honest, but he grew on me.
People go their whole lives trying to find what I have and for that I am grateful. Josh puts up with my outrageous moodswings, for e.g. I can go from being completely happy and normal one minute, then I suddenly realize the house is a bombsite, I haven't been productive enough today and go into cleaning/bitch mode for about an hour.. (sorry babe, I know I'm nuts... and thanks for sticking around anyway)

This past year we have had to say goodbye to this house:
27 Popes Road. Our 1950's art deco home.

Josh worked in an incredibly shitty job just so we could pay the mortgage on this, the first home we ever bought. After Josh lost his job and our mortgage (which we did not get on a fixed rate) kept going up and up and we got further and further behind, we realized it would be best if we simply handed it back over to the bank before they came in a forced us out. 
It's funny, because there is just SSSOOO much you have to do to obtain a home loan.. so many people you have to go through, so many documents you have to sign. But when you hand your house back to them, all you have to do is sign a single piece of paper and its done. No sitting down with bank managers, no lawyers, no nothing. Just go in sign a piece of paper and walk out again. You are now homeless! (we were lucky enough to find a cheap rental before we signed out home over, so we weren't homeless)

It was a truly tough time, especially for Josh who felt like he had let us all down. But he still remained strong and positive throughout. 

So I'm grateful for this man! He makes everything worth while, is generous, is loving, always supports me and even let me sneak off for a iced chocolate at Gloria Jeans today with the bestie and my sister while he watched the cricket and played the Wii with Zachy.. WHATTA MAN HUH?!?! :)


  1. Your positive perspective is so refreshing and yes, your man is definitely a keeper.

    Happy day!

  2. You guys are incredible. You have been through so much, but your still able to be focus on the positives. You, Josh and those beautiful children have so many wonderful things to look foward to! xx

  3. You are very blessed indeed. House Schmouse... we know that finding the 'right' mate is the key to a happy life. You are right on track! x