Monday, 26 December 2011

This Moment...

Hoping::: That moving to Moranbah isn't as bad as I think it is going to be in my head.

Appreciating::: Time spent with my family. As soon I will be living 10 hours away from Mum, Dad, Jordy, Jono and Tarl.

Learning::: That I need to have more patience. That playtime with my kids is more important than the housework.

Making::: A patchwork throw to go over the couch.

Looking Forward To::: 2012 and it's possibilities.

Planning::: Moving your entire life 10 hours north involves a whole lot of planning. Boxes to collect, over 100 books to pack, children's toys to cipher through and organizing the moving trucks!

Eating::: Left over's from Christmas.

Reading::: Strangely, I have nothing on the go at the moment. Hopefully when life calms down and we are all moved into our new home I can start on this book I've been meaning to read titled 'The Help'.

Listening::: To a band called The Middle East.

Watching::: We got given the complete Harry Potter DVD Box Set for Christmas. So Zachy and I are going to have Harry Potter week this week, as Josh goes back to Moranbah tomorrow. :(

Missing::: My sister already.

Dreaming::: About our new life in Moranbah and how I hope to get into more art and craft projects once we are up there and settled in. Also dreaming about buying a new camera and blogging more. :)

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