Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What Being A Stay At Home Mum Really Means...

It means you get to sit around a watch Oprah while you snack on Tim Tams all day long. Your children needlessly entertain themselves for hours on end and your baby gets their own bottles and changes their own nappies makes their own food and generally takes care of themselves. All while you sit back and relax without ever having to leave the couch....


I know a couple of men who HONEST to goodness would believe this!! They are called Working Away Dads or Dads Without A Clue..

Being a stay at home mum means this: cleaning endlessly all day because lets face it, KIDS ARE MESSY, it means everytime you sit down your 4 year old wants a drink or a sandwhich, and then the next time you go to sit down your baby needs her nappy changed. (unless like right now when she is sleeping and Zach is happily playing and I am typing hell for leather so i get this post done before I have to get up again!!)

It means very limited contact with the outside world and you start to talk like a toddler.. you crave other human contact because a 4 years olds conversation is not very stimulating!! (unless your toddler is like, super human or super smart and can tell you all about Kim Kardashians divorce!!)

It means you try and fit EVERYTHING into kindy days. ie. groceries, catching up with gf's, op shopping, mopping and paying bills.

But in saying all that it also means this: getting to play with your gorgeous kids 24/7, getting to be there for everysingle 'first' your baby has, getting to listen to phrazes such as: "mummy, you need to slow down" - zach telling me my driving is abit reckless! ;-) or this one "I Love You mummy".. my heart melts just thinking about it...

If you are a stay at home mum and proud to be one then let me hear you ROAR!

It's trying at times and most days at some point I find myself wanting to rip the absolute shit out of my hair.. but i certainly wouldnt have it any other way!

Much love to you all tho.. working mum or stay at home mum.. your all doing a fabulous job!!


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